Listening – Hearing

ES. At KB Components, we have understood the importance of involving our employees in the company. Greater job satisfaction and engagement is created when we involve everyone in decision-making and improvement processes. We usually work in small working groups, because opinions and ideas usually arise more naturally in that setting. All managers have a goal of daily contact and presence with their employees to communicate and give feedback. The resulting direct two-way communication is often the source of valuable proposals and solutions for daily operations. The open communication that we strive for creates a safe workplace where even negative criticism is easy to handle.

Employees are regularly updated on how things are going for the business in monthly, and in some cases even weekly, staff meetings in every department. Everyone also has the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions in those meetings.

KB Components actively manages by objectives based on the company’s three core values, business acumenprofessionalism and dedication.

We hold performance appraisals with all employees at least once a year during which we go over the employee’s work situation. We establish a career development plan for the coming year and evaluate the past year’s plan. The purpose is to maintain and develop a good work environment and ensure continuing professional development for the employee.

Personal goals and professional development are highly important parts of our performance appraisals, and actions to achieve them are documented and followed up. All individuals also have a skills matrix that clearly shows the skills of the individual and the group/department as a whole as well as what areas are in need of improvement.

KB Components AB has implemented management by objectives, which is followed up regularly. Additionally, the company’s three core values are a part of the appraisals and every employee is given the opportunity to understand and discuss them and then be assessed on how well they meet them.

To support an easy way to report irregularities or other suspected illicit activity, we have a whistleblower system that allows employees to remain anonymous if they prefer.

In collaboration with Great Place To Work, we conduct an annual employee survey in which we obtain an objective measurement of how employees see our business.

Under Great Place To Work, all departments conduct their own assessment of the results. A joint decision is made within the department on which areas will be in focus and in need of work. The resulting widespread involvement allows everyone to express their opinion and, most importantly, propose constructive actions for improvement.

Listening – Involving 

All employees should be able to influence their work situations and contribute to the company’s growth. This is mainly done in collaboration with their most immediate supervisor who is responsible for following up on each employee and for involving their staff in the growth of the department.

The company’s three goals, growth, profitability and job satisfactionare clearly communicated to everyone and are in the picture from the very start of an employment given that HR explains them already during the orientation programme. Individual goals linked to these are set between employee and manager. These goals are discussed at the performance appraisal and followed up continually during the year.

All managers have a goal of daily contact and presence with their employees. The resulting direct two-way communication is often the source of valuable proposals and solutions for daily operations

Listening – Solving problems

We use our own model for conflict management: Listen –Act.

Given that KB is a large workplace with many employees, everyone with different backgrounds, experiences and personalities, it’s no surprise that conflicts crop up every now and then. It’s naturally very important to identify the problem and try to solve it as soon as possible.

When a problem arises between colleagues and/or their manager, those involved are invited to a talk with the most immediate supervisor and/or HR. During this talk, the employees can speak freely and we get to the bottom of the problem and figure out what happened, and why. We always try to solve the problem internally first, and we have actually never had to call in external assistance to resolve a conflict.

In cases of employees showing signs of being overworked or similar signs, HR is contacted for an initial discussion, and then a plan of action is drawn up that may include advice and therapy.

We have a code of ethics and code of conduct described in detail underBusiness Handbook/Code of Conduct.