End of employment

Termination by the employee

ES. Employees must give notice of termination in writing on the designated form and return it to HR with their signature. The periods of notice will be in accordance with the applicable collective agreement. The employee’s supervisor  is responsible for our procedures to thank outgoing employees for their service.


An employee’s most immediate supervisor will initiate a conversation about retirement well in advance of the employee reaching retirement age. Management will seek support from HR on any issues and concerns the employee may have about retirement. In some countries, employees may have the right to remain employed after they reach retirement age.

They may also be entitled to apply for a part-time pension prior to reaching full retirement age. Our local HR representatives are happy to help employees in each of our locations stay on top of the rules that apply to them in terms of retirement.

Employees will be thanked for their service on their last working day. The HR department is responsible for planning in coordination with the retiring employee’s supervisor. The company will provide cake and flowers.


Termination by the employer

If the company has to let someone go, this will be done in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and collective agreements. HR plays the leading role in pre-termination negotiations. Employees can only be terminated in two cases: due to a shortage of work or for personal reasons.

In some countries, employees who are terminated due to a shortage of work may entitled to reemployment by the company within 9 months of the termination date as long as the employee does not voluntarily waive this right to reemployment.


Summary dismissal

An employee may be summarily dismissed if they have grossly neglected their obligations to the company and are in material breach of the employment agreement. Summary dismissal is the most severe form of remedial action the company can take and can only be used for exceptional reasons. If the company ends up having to summarily dismiss employees, this will be done in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and collective agreements. HR will be contacted and manage the matter. A summarily dismissed person has no right to priority to reemployment.


Service records and letters of reference

Employees who end their employment with KB are entitled to receive a service record and/or a letter of reference if they wish.

For employees under a collective agreement, the respective supervisor fills in the applicable template  and the letter of reference will then be compiled by the HR department.

For salaried employees, the respective supervisor is responsible for compiling a service record and/or a letter of reference. This will list the salaried employee’s employment period and tasks. If requested, a review of the salaried employee’s performance will be included.