Our success depends on engaged and motivated employees, and that is why we don’t think twice about regularly explaining where we are heading and creating the conditions to succeed. Every employee is a part of our team, and together we share in both progress and setbacks. We have great visions, and we break them down into clear goals for departments and individuals. We believe that there is a clear connection between performance and goals that build motivation, engagement and inspiration.


We encourage all employees to engage in continuing professional development, both in terms of their own knowledge and skills and in terms of their work in general. We provide a couple hours per month of scheduled professional development activities and give employees  the opportunity to influence them. This creates a sense of community and job satisfaction while also contributing to the growth of our company.

Lars Pedersen works in Technical Service in Örkelljunga.


”Performance appraisals are a good opportunity to both give and receive feedback. In Technical Service, many investments are made in new technology, and if you want to keep up and develop in new areas, the performance appraisals are good because we both document and schedule activities and courses. It’s also positive that the performance appraisals are used to bring up the work environment and how you can contribute to increasing job satisfaction/engagement even more.”


Our managers are both leaders and pioneers who inspire their colleagues on a daily basis through feedback and encouragement. We make sure to spread internally the attention and positive feedback we get externally. This spurs, inspires and fortifies the professional pride that creates a driven team, and giving inspiration and encouragement is exactly what our managers do, in fact they are trained and certified in this. If your ambition is to be one of our future leaders, you may be able to participate in our Young Managers programme where you’ll learn the basics of successful leadership and make contact with other potential leaders within the Group.