The Swedish industrial group KB Components acquires Lakeside Plastics in Windsor, Canada. The acquisition is done as an asset deal and the operations will from 1th of November 2021 be run through KB Components Canada Inc.  

Lakeside Plastics Limited has a turnover of 25 million CAD entailing a production operation of plastic components with gross weight up to 9 kg. The company focus on automotive components with high demand of inserts and clips. The business will add several customers within the Electrical Vehicle segment and will strengthen the group’s position in the North American region. The current operations of KB Components in Windsor will be merged with the operations of Lakeside Plastics and the combined entity is projected to have a turnover of +70 million CAD for 2022. 


Pro forma, after the acquisition, the turnover of the KB Group will increase to 170 million Euro (200 million USD), offering production from eight sites, whereof four are in Europe, one in Asia and three in North America. The customer portfolio includes customers within light vehicles, heavy vehicles, furniture, lighting, medical, chrome plating and other industry.