Light Vehicles

KB Components started delivering polymer components to the light vehicle industry back in the 50s. Today we supply a complete range of products for interior, exterior and powertrain applications. Our customers include premium brands for whom we serve as both the OEM and Tier 1 supplier. Our cutting-edge knowledge and operational excellence enables us to provide cost-effective solutions for development, logistics and industrialization.

Interior for light vehicle

The interiors of vehicle industry have the highest requirements in terms of visual and functional quality. Examples include the right surface gloss, small gaps and NVH functionality.
KB helps automotive manufacturers provide better and more effective interiors that benefit their demanding customer base.
Our range of interior details include two component parts for seats, textile-covered pillars and a wide range of structural components.

Exterior/powertrain for light vehicle

Polymer composites offer a clear lightweight alternative to metals, giving them the potential to help the automotive industry reduce environmental impact and increase profitability.
KB Components provides a wide range of products for powertrain and structural applications, such as underbody panels using injection moulding, injection compression moulding and hybrids of PP/TWR.
Our knowledge of safety-related products with 100% traceability is used in airbags and other safety devices. KB Components also supplies painted and chromed parts.