Caring – Balance

At KB, we are a team, a family that shows understanding and support for its employees. We are well aware that most people have a life outside the walls of our company. We encourage our employees to be active in their spare time, and we believe strongly that physical and mental well-being is fundamental to performing well at work.

We support the health of our employees by ensuring that all employees are offered tasty and nutritional food in our lunch restaurant and the opportunity to exercise for free in our own gyms.

For employees whose work allows this, we offer flexible working hours and we receive numerous positive comments from our employees on our generous stance regarding needs to take time off for work-life balance reasons. Signs of being ill or overworked are identified at each performance appraisal. If any of the staff is home on sick leave, we’ll call to check in after a couple days. Our employees appreciate that we call them while they are laying at home sick. Knowing you are missed could be the best medicine. We will personally discuss cases of recurring absence with the employee.

Caring – Support

KB Components strives for a close relationship between employee and manager. We want to be like a family and show support, care and encouragement in both good times and bad. Each manager is responsible for following up with their employees, observing holidays and special occasions, and being available for support in times of family tragedy or personal crisis.

We celebrate when our employees have been employed for 10, 25 and 40 years by treating them out at a restaurant, a highly appreciated gesture. When employees turn 50, the company celebrates this by giving them cake and flowers. The department head is responsible for the care of employees described above within their department. Employees who retire are celebrated and thanked with cake, flowers and a gift card in the amount of SEK 2,000 on their last day of work.

Having children and expanding the family is a big event in the life of an employee, so we send flowers on the big occasion. We do the same thing when an employee gets married.

For family tragedies and personal crises, we have procedures for how various situations should  be handled, and each manager has a mandate to individually adapt their actions. The well-being of our employees is our focus, and we make adjustments to their work to make things easier for the employee during this tough time. KB strives for the greatest possible transparency and has a procedure to inform the affected employee’s colleagues as soon as possible once the affected employee has given their consent.

In the instance of an employee passing away, it’s very important to us to support each other and show respect for our deceased colleague. We contact the employee’s closest relatives to express our condolences and help with the paperwork for the insurance policies covering our employees. For funerals, we respect the wishes of the closest relatives when it comes to our presence. If we are invited, we will be represented by the employee’s most immediate supervisor and sometimes HR. If the employee’s other colleagues are welcome, then they will also be invited to do so. In cases where close relatives wish to keep the ceremony private, we’ll send a bouquet to the funeral or donate a memorial gift to the organization of their choice.