Distributing – Compensation

We use performance appraisals and pay scales to create a clear link between performance and compensation and our GPTW groups involve all employees in our efforts to create one of the world’s best workplaces. This creates a basis for how pay is set through personal goals that are regularly followed up. We lay the foundation for mutual understanding of how pay is set by openly and honestly communicating how the company views your performance and future advancement.

If you are employed under a collective agreement, we apply a pay scale that determines which pay grade you are placed in. During the performance appraisals, you will be informed of where you are placed and what to do to advance to a higher grade or another position.

Every year, you’ll be invited to our unforgettable winter and summer parties , which will definitely give you fond memories that will last a lifetime. Additionally, we regularly will hold other activities outside of working hours, including sports tournaments, after-work events and various wellness-focused activities.

Given that KB Components is part of a large group of companies, employees enjoy special offers and staff discounts from various partners within the Group and external companies with which we have procured special deals.

Distributing – Social responsibility

KB Components actively seeks to contribute to positive social progress and sustainable use of our common resources. We have used our expertise in polymer materials to help increase the reuse of polymer products such as the reuse of shampoo bottles to produce components for our automotive customers.

As a supplier to Solvatten, a combined portable water treatment and water heater system, we help people in disadvantaged parts of the world gain access to clean water, and we give our employees the opportunity to help solve technical challenges by participating in the Engineers Without Borders initiative.