Article number 81128 (l) / 81129 (r)

Product presentation

Ballbearing slides with self closing and full extension for cabinets with 380 mm inner dimension. 32 mm system hole pattern predrilled for OnSide drawer systems. The slides will be concealed in the drawer for design and protection against dust.


  • Zinc finish means no rust and nice design.
  • 32 mm system hole pattern predrilled for OnSide drawersystem makes them quick and easy to mount to the cabinet.
  • Self closing, positive stop and full extension for easy use.
  • With our drawersystem the expansion will be fully concealed so no dust and nice design.

Product characteristics

Material: Made from steel with zinc finish and ballbearing.
Dimension: Can be used up to 45 kg load rating.


81128/81129 to be used with Onside article 50204


Drawer slide 81128