Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At KB Components, we are devoted to safeguarding the environment and preserving natural resources by adhering to the highest standard of environmental responsibility. We take proactive measures to conserve energy, reduce waste, and minimize water and air pollution. Emphasizing environmental responsibility, we utilize machines and equipment with high efficiency and low environmental impact, while also harnessing renewable energy sources such as solar cells. We are committed to continuously analyzing environmental risks and enhancing our processes to ensure the utmost environmental responsibility.

In order to achieve this, we encourage everyone’s commitment and involvement in the work for the environment, including:

  • Taking precautions to avoid water pollution by diligently following our procedures, thereby demonstrating our environmental responsibility.
  • Implementing measures to prevent air pollution by adhering to established guidelines.
  • Engaging in energy-saving activities in accordance with our overall plan to reach our targets for environmental responsibility.
  • Conducting waste management activities based on our comprehensive plan to achieve our objectives.
  • Practicing responsible chemical management, where we systematically aim for the substitution of more environmentally friendly substances.
  • Preventing ourselves and external stakeholders from causing disturbing noise, further showcasing our environmental responsibility.
  • Utilizing energy from renewable sources and harnessing power from our own solar cell park.
  • Keeping greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to a minimum by implementing a strict framework for leakage detection and using substitutions where possible.
  • Actively choosing machines and equipment that provide high efficiency and minimal environmental impact to promote environmental responsibility.
  • Complying with laws and customer requirements as a minimum standard.
  • Actively working on continuous improvements and process-oriented methodology to enhance our environmental responsibility.
  • Preventing accidents and emissions by continuously analyzing the risks associated with our operations, and taking necessary steps to mitigate them.

By integrating environmental responsibility into every aspect of our operations, KB Components is dedicated to preserving the environment for future generations while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainable practices.