Environmental Policy

KB Components protects the health and development of staff, the environment and natural resources.

We do this by everyone’s commitment and involvement in the work for the environment including:


  • Precautions to avoid water pollution by following our procedures
  • Precautions to avoid pollution of air by following our procedures
  • Energy saving activities in accordance to our overall plan to reach our targets
  • Waste management activities according to our overall plan to reach our targets
  • Responsible chemical management where we systematically aim for substitution to more environmentally friendly substances
  • To prevent ourselves and external stakeholders for disturbing noise
  • We use energy from renewable sources and from our own solar cell park
  • Keeping GHG emissions to a minimum by a strict framework for leakage detection and use of substitutions where possible
  • To actively choose machines and equipment that provide high efficiency and as little environmental impact as possible
  • To comply with laws and customer requirements as a minimum
  • To actively work with continuous improvements and process-oriented methodology
  • Preventing accidents and emissions by continuously analyzing the risks associated with the operation