KB Components unique offer:

KB Components’ unparalleled approach

KB Components sets itself apart from the majority of our competitors in the polymer components industry through our specialized focus on injection moulding technologies. This encompasses material technology and design optimization for both the part and the process. By leveraging our global resources, we are able to grant you access not only to an extensive worldwide manufacturing network, but also to our internal material labs, measuring centres, and production technology teams. As your business expands, we possess the capacity to grow alongside you and support your globalization efforts by offering local production in Asia, Europe, South and North America.

In addition, if your product requires assembly with other components, we also provide comprehensive solutions for production and assembly. More often than not, this is integrated seamlessly with the injection moulding operation, utilizing the most cutting-edge robotic technologies to establish a cost-efficient production set-up.

Our Successful Strategy offer:

Global Footprint, Technological Leadership, and Operational Excellence

Simultaneously, you can trust in our Code of Conduct, which ensures our commitment to adhering to the strictest regulations for environmental protection and work safety. Beyond being certified according to environmental standards, all our units have also been recognized as “KB Stars”, with the vast majority of our employees demonstrating high levels of work satisfaction and engagement – ultimately benefiting all of our customers.

Our strategy has consistently proven to be successful and is founded upon three key pillars:

Working in tandem with our valued customers, we strive to create “Value Through Innovation” in everything we do. By choosing KB Components, you are not only selecting a partner with a unique approach to polymer component production, but also a company that is dedicated to fostering growth, upholding the highest standards, and providing exceptional service.

Together with our customers, we create “Value Through Innovation”