Learning and growing

Managers and employees in the same department keep a dialogue going to pursue opportunities for professional development. The company encourages each employee’s efforts to advance and improve. Ways to accomplish this include new internal tasks, involvement in new projects or continuing professional development.

The performance appraisal plays a major role by scheduling an individual career development plan. Reasonable, individual goals are identified with specific tasks and soft values such as developing certain behavioural skills. Personal goals and professional development are highly important parts of our performance appraisals, and actions to achieve them are documented and followed up. All individuals also have a skills matrix that clearly shows the skills of the individual and the group/department as a whole as well as what areas are in need of improvement.

The annual performance appraisal thus plays an important role, but it’s even more important to have career development discussions multiple times per year. That’s where we find continuous feedback, direct contact and responsiveness.