Showing appreciation

At KB, we strive to show our employees appreciation regularly in small ways. The most important forum for appreciation is each person’s department. Department heads and colleagues are encouraged to regularly show their appreciation when someone does something especially well. Those responsible for the department also have resources at their disposal to show their appreciation by simple means, such as by treating an employee to lunch or coffee under the activity budget.

When the company achieves good results, it treats all employees to cake , or as we did recently, a delicious and generous “hotel” breakfast prepared by the staff of our own cafeteria.

Fresh fruit baskets are brought to production areas every week and refilled during the week, so that employees will have access to delicious and healthy snacks during working hours. A popular breakfast is also served there every Wednesday .A light breakfast is served at the office every morning.

Eating traditional food, observing local customs and enjoying holiday-themed parties and entertainment are just some of the ways our company bonds over holidays. The company organizes transportation by bus for all staff to all locations where we have staff housing to make it easier for everyone to get home after evening holiday events.  We also give each department a small budget per person and year to strengthen team-building, build a sense of community and do something fun together. Each department controls its own funds and both managers and employees are encouraged to suggest fun activities the money could be used for.