At KB Components, it’s important to us that every employee feels like a part of the KB family. To build that sense of belonging, it’s important that everyone feels they are being seen and no one gets left out of our information flow. It goes without saying that we want everyone to know what’s happening at the company and strive for 100% transparency. To make this easier, all departments have meetings at least once a month with briefings on what’s happening, profitability, job satisfaction, goals and other information. These meetings are tailored to each department and are informal. Everyone is encouraged to use them as a forum for giving feedback such as bringing up any problems and support needed or giving suggestions for improvement. Some departments have daily morning meetings to go over the day’s agenda.

A large meeting is held once a year during which the owners/CEO provide information about the current state, future goals and outlook of the Group. Figures for the companies throughout the Group are reported openly at this meeting.

In addition, our owners and CEO send out an informational letter each quarter reporting how it’s going for the company, what happened in the past quarter and future plans. The letter is distributed by email and in hard copies put up on the bulletin board in the information centre.

Other information and news, such as from HR, is distributed to the staff by email and the monitor in the information centre . Easily accessible information is also published on the website,, including news and new jobs.

We have a closed Facebook group for pictures and short texts, so everyone can share challenges and heart-warming posts.